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In the search for truth, nothing goes as planned.
Teaser Trailer​
Theatrical Trailer

Two friends journey to a small town to confront the rapist of one friend's fiancee. When their testosterone-fueled initial plan goes awry, they decide to stay in the town, trying for a confession from a seemingly normal man. What they find instead is a world of black and white morality quickly becoming gray.

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presented by Fuzzy Monster Media, Inc.

executive producers Susan & Gary Zimbric

associate producers Gabrielle & Matthew Hester, Jennifer & John Cress, Jacki & Rory Leyden

starring Peter Siewerth, Perry Strong, Ashley-Lauren Elrod & Thomas Oakley

featuring Debra Parkin Woller, Natalie Polisson, Jeremy Pereira, Kitty Thomas, Joe Rader, Molly Pickright, Vicki LaCrosse & Thom Kuhr

assistant camera, gaffer, grip, media & stills Brandon Kornprobst

assistant director & production manager Rachel Wixom

music written & performed Charlie Macarone

story and screenplay Benjamin Zimbric

written Ada Lee Halofsky

co-written Paul Jarrett and Nick Huston

produced Benjamin Zimbric & Thomas Oakley

directed, shot and edited Benjamin Zimbric 

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