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Feature Films

"Synapse" Trailer


Seth Alden, a 28 year old graduate neural science student, has been experimenting with the possible electromagnetic manipulation of the brain. He is led to experiment on himself - giving him an ability similar to telepathy. Through a new perspective, Seth begins to experience other people's perceptions, vulnerabilities, ulterior motives, and inner-selves. As the telepathic ability grows, he experiences repeated blackouts and alternate realities. He becomes isolated and paranoid... and ultimately uncovers what existence truly means.


"Revealing Hate" Trailer


Donning swastikas and brown shirts, or long white robes and hoods, the attendees of a white supremacist rally are without a doubt a disquieting and memorable sight. Coated with heavy symbolism that pierces deep into the darkest shadows of America's racial history, Klan members, neo-Nazis, and other right wing extremists are easily passed off by most as simply members of a 'hate group.' But in order to combat the existence of these organizations, we must first understand them. How do members of these groups acquire their beliefs? How does the white supremacist movement exist now, in a country where it is considered by many to be a relic of the past? And what are its goals for the future? On the other side of the coin, what is it like to be a victim of violence perpetrated by this movement? Or what is it like to attempt to infiltrate or monitor right wing extremism, despite the dangers...

"Wet Behind the Ears" Trailer (2013)

Samantha Phelps has just finished college, but while her ego has matured her resume hasn’t. Unemployed and breaking the lease agreement she held with her best friend Victoria, Samantha finds herself living with her parents and in desperate need of an income, while her best friend must navigate the difficult world of corporate America and finding a roommate on craigslist alone. Whether it is a scorned coworker or taking a minimum wage job working for a high school nemesis, the girls just can’t win.

"LifeHack" Trailer 


Life Hack is an incredibly timely ensemble comedy about digital privacy... or lack thereof. A humorous cautionary tale about cyber threats in the digital age.
Cover your webcam.

*Winner Best Screenplay at Brooklyn Film Festival*
*Winner of 17 Festival Awards including 5 Best Feature and 3 Audience Choice*
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