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“I’m a director of photography in search of…

I’m looking for the perfect shot, the perfect project, the perfect challenge. Every project has that moment of grace when the stars align and the directing comes in line with the camera and the talent and collectively we can say, “That was good. Moving on…” I live for those moments and feel that’s why we joined this business.

I feel my experience speaks to this search, having shot everything from hard news to music videos to narrative features. I feel like I have something to give to a person’s project so that together we can find that moment and bring something good and entertaining into the world. Let’s go make the dream happen.”

– Benjamin Zimbric

Director of Photography

Feature Films
“Wet Behind the Ears” Narrative, Director Sloan Copeland, Fall 2011
“Synapse” Narrative, Director Sloan Copeland, Spring 2007
“Big in Europe” Documentary, Director Brad Aldous, Summer 2008
“Revealing Hate” Documentary, Director Mariah Wilson, Fall 2004-Summer 2008

Television Shows
“Biography” Documentary, Sharp Entertainment, 2010- Present
“On the Case with Paula Zahn” News, Investigation Discovery, 2009-Present
“Love/Lust” Documentary, Sharp Entertainment, 2010-2011
“Clean House NY” Reality, Style Network, Summer 2011 (5 Episodes)
“From Date to Mate” Narrative, Shalom TV, 2009- 2011 (7 Episodes)
“Door Knockers” HGTV, Leftfield Pictures, Summer 2010 (1 Episode)
“Destination Design” Home Improvement, HGTV, Winter 2009-2010 (4 Episodes)
“In the Now” Narrative Web Series, Koldcast TV, 2008 (5 Episodes)
“Matched in Manhattan” Reality, Lifetime, Winter 2007 (1 Season, 7 Episodes)
“Parco PI” Narrative/Reality, Court TV (now True TV), Spring 2007
                (2nd Season, 13 Episodes) 2nd Unit Director of Photography
“Extreme Travel” Documentary, Travel Channel, Winter 2008-2009 (3 Episodes)


Music Videos
“Be My Honey Pie” The Weepies, Director Brad Aldous, Summer 2010
“Red Red Rose” The Weepies, Director Brad Aldous, Summer 2010
“Single Man” Greg Tannen, Director Brad Aldous, Summer 2008
“Can’t Go Back Now” The Weepies, Director Brad Aldous, Spring 2008
“AOK” Lisa Jackson and Girl Friday, Director Paul Jarrett, Spring 2007


Short Films
“Compunction” Director Andrew Plumb, Spring 2010
“Milkmen” Sidecar, Director Alden Ford, Featured on, Summer 2009


Camera Operation
Television Shows

“Masters of Reception” Reality, TLC, Summer 2009 (5 Episodes)
“Pit Masters” Reality, TLC, Summer 2009 (1 Episode)
“Z Rock” Narrative/Reality, IFC, Spring 2008 (1 Season, 10 Episodes)
“Parco PI” Reality, Court TV, Spring 2006 (1st Season, 13 Episodes)
“Trading Up” Reality, BBC, Winter 2009 (2 Episodes)
“Sex with Mom and Dad” Reality, MTV, Winter 2009, (1 Episode)
“Guiding Light” Soap Opera, CBS, Fall 2008 (8 Episodes)
“KLS: Life in the Fab Lane” Reality, Style Channel, Winter 2008 (4 Episodes)
“Our Generation” Documentary, History Channel, Spring 2008 (3 Episodes)


News Camera
“The Colbert Report” Comedy Central, Fall 2009                                                                 “Geraldo at Large” Original Field Crew, Fox Network, Fall 2005-Spring 2006
Independent contractor, ABC, NBC, and Fox National Networks, Fall 2004-Spring 2006
Local Staff, New York City, RTVi, Spring 2003-Winter 2004


New York University             Tisch School of the Arts                   1998-2001

Graduated in 3.5 years with a BA in Film and Television

Director of Photography on 28 shorts films 

3.7 GPA, Dean’s List (2 Semesters)

Special Skills and Equipment
Owner Red Scarlet-X Camera Package, prime lenses and all support equipment.
Owner/Operator of Steadicam System (FC12 Pro, 25 pound capacity)
Owner/Operator Jony Jib (13’ Reach, 18’ Height, 25 pound capacity, full remote head)
Owner Canon 5D Mk II, lenses and all support gear
Owner Kessler Slider and Revolution Head Motion Control System

​​Resume for Benjamin Zimbric

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