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Services: I have everything you need... and it all fits in one truck. 

Camera Support

5' Kessler Cineslider. Also includes a full two axis (pan and slide or tilt and slide) motion control system when paired with controller, motors and Revolution hothead. Also set up for motion timelapse. Really expands your creative possibilities.


Jony Jib 19' camera crane with Kessler Revolution Hothead. Crane can carry up to 25 pounds. 

Steadicam Rental. Comes with wireless video and wireless focus. Carries up to 25 pounds.


A lighting package for almost all types of productions (I have yet to find something I couldn't shoot with this package). 2 Light Panel, 2-4x4 Foot Kino Type, 2 Soft Tent lights, 1K Par, 1K Fresnel, 2 Arri 650, Chimera Tents, 2 Arri 300, 2 Arri 150, 2X onboard LED, grip gear, stingers, etc. 


Expanded lighting packages available on request. HMI's, tents, etc.  


My camera of choice is the Red Scarlet. A clean, beautiful image that you can manipulate until the perfect look is achieved. A rugged workhorse that can shoot 95% of projects to a very high, professional quality. 


Setup for both cinema style shoot, run and gun, or anything in between. 


And for the budget conscious, the Canon 5D MK2. This is camera that I have stretched to it's very limits of quality and great looking images. 


Finally, for those other 5% of projects out there, my camera gear is set up to drop your camera body in with no extraneous trouble. 

Audio Gear

Zaxcom Nomad Lite with up to 10 isolated recording channels. Keep your audio separate and ease your post production workflow. 


4 wireless lavalier setups and a range of high end boom microphones complete the audio package. 


The last thing you need for your shoot is somewhere to put your cast, crew and gear. The Fuzzy Monster Dodge Sprinter, named Sophia, fits the bill. Capable of carrying all the gear available in a locking rear cage AND carrying 8 crew at the same time, Sopia completes the ease of shooting. 

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