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Associate Producer

Associate producer credit. Access to all screenings. You're an Investor! If we make money, you make money. Digital copy of the movie. Access to filming as it happens (LIVE feed from the camera as we film). Daily short documentaries from set.


Executive Producer

You are the big cheese. Executive producer credit on the film. Access to all screenings. You're an Investor! If we make money, you make money. Digital copy of the movie. Access to filming as it happens (LIVE feed from the camera as we film). Daily short documentaries from set.


Okay kids it's that time! Time for me to beg you to support the BIG MOVIE! As many of you know, I've been doing the filmmaking thing for 10 years now and finally the right cast, crew and script have come together and it's time to make "Shovel Buddies".

The story of two friends who travel to a small town to confront the rapist of their girlfriend will contribute to and raise awareness about the long term effects of date rape both on the victim and those they love. Through the storytelling we will be able to explore the emotions and the impact these often not spoken of rapes have on our society both in small and large terms.

The grand goal of the film is to bring rape out of the confines and recesses into the light so a dialogue can be started to deal with the causes and consequences of these horrible crimes.

Two Movies for the Price of One!

Added to the value of the movie itself, we are adding another element to help spread the word. A documentary feature film will be shot concurrently to the film. It will capture the struggle, fun, failure and triumph of our crew as we make the movie. Added to this element of the project, daily micro documentaries will be a great way to live, love and bleed with us as we bring you this story.

What We Need

We need $38,000 to make this film. Why that much?

  • $25,000 of that goes to pay the cast and crew. Are we paying them too much? No, only $150 per day. They are doing this because they are awesome and believe in the project that much.
  • $5000 goes to feed these dedicated people.
  • $1000 goes to pay for insurance should something awful happen.

  • $6000 goes to edit the film. We have editors waiting to confine themselves to small, dark rooms for a month to get you these films as fast as possible once we're done shooting.
  • $1000 goes to gas to get us to and from Wausau, WI. Most of the movie will be set there along with a few key scenes shot in NYC.

  • $0 goes to equipment. I got that. And we're not shooting it on an Iphone either. All the very latest in indie filmmaking tech will ensure a professional, marketable movie in the end. We'll be shooting on the Red Scarlet-X.
  • The rest we beg and borrow in the great tradition of indie films.​

The Payback

Contributions over $100 will be treated as an investment in the film. Payback will be 115% of investment when we get bought out or distribution. After 115% return is reached, payment will be split as 20% to investors and 80% to managers (the cast and crew).

The Impact

Okay, many of you may be saying, Ben, sit down. Think for a minute. Movies, real movies cost millions of dollars to make. How can you do this?

Well the first reason I know we're going to succeed is the people involved in the project. I have worked with each and every one of them in the past and I know they are people who will make it happen, no matter the obstacle.

Added to that, I have made and helped make movies with low, no, imaginary budgets. If you have a good story, a camera, and a little bit of talent you can make anything. We have all those. We're going to make this movie.

Your contributions will make this movie smooth. Please contribute eagerly and often. We'll take whatever you can give and turn it into filmmaking gold.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't help monetarily, we will need physical help both in NYC and Wausau, WI.

The other huge thing you can do is pass this campaign on. Maybe your friend needs to get rid of a few bucks before the end of the year. Maybe you have a friend who wants to take a big chance on this film paying off. Put this campaign in front of them and we'll be in your debt even more than if you had just given your $10 and forgotten about us. We're not picky. We love all the love you can give.

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$10,771 raised of $38,000

Final for the Fundraiser! Thank you all!

Meet Michael Giese!

Meet James St. Vincent!

Meet Doug Roland!

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Meet Jessica Piervicenti!

Assistant Director Rachel Wixom

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